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    Make you feel my love 'adele the tribute'

    "Go to the ends of the world for you..."

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    I can't make you love me 'Adele the tribute'

    "Turn down the light, turn down the bed, turn down these voices inside my head..."

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    Skyfall 'Adele the tribute'

    "This is the end...hold your breath and count to ten..."

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    Set fire to the rain 'Adele the tribute'

    "When I lay with you I could stay there close my eyes..."

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    turning tables'Adele the tribute'

    "Under haunted skies I see you. Where love is lost your ghost is found..."

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    hello 'Adele the tribute'

    "At least I can say that I've tried to tell you I'm sorry for breaking your heart..."

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    Million Years Ago 'Adele the tribute'

    "Deep down i must have always know that this would be inevitable..."

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