Maria AKA Adele The Tribute

Maria focuses her performances on capturing the magic and vocal stylings of the one and only Adele.  Each performance transports you into the world of the celebrated Multi-Award Winning Artist.  Maria creates the look, sound and energy of Adele along with her very natural wit.  Audiences are enthralled with the performance and Maria ensures an enjoyable tribute experience for Adele fans of all ages.




Maria was born and bred in Walthamstow (E17), East London until she moved with her family to Kent in her early twenties. Like Adele she also grew up playing on the banks of the river Lee.  

Although, her talent for singing wasn't discovered early on, she comes from a family of talented singers.  Her father (now retired) and brother are also professional singers. Her father was a great self-taught musician/song writer and her brother has a flair for swing and reggae.

Maria is a beautiful woman with a personality to match and is adored by everyone who meets her. She is loyal and trustworthy and treats people as she would like to be treated - with respect. She is a mother of 4 wonderful children, 3 girls and a boy and in a loving relationship with the man of her dreams!

As well as being in high demand as an Adele tribute act, she is more than capable of singing a wide range of songs, and has a particular flair for country music old and new. Her own voice has been likened to that of Karen Carpenter, but her powerful range and attention to detail leads her to sing a variety of modern musical styles with ease.